Putting some passion into portfolios

“Investment grade collectibles offer not only the joy of ownership but diversified returns and a hedge against inflation. Yet with markets like fine art opaque and illiquid, access to advice is essential.”

Elisa Trovato speaks to Philip Hoffman about shifting attitudes towards art investment, the need for professional advice in the opaque art market, and how collectors are borrowing against their art collections to release liquidity.

“The art market is opaque and incredibly difficult to navigate… this is why it is essential to work with a professional adviser,” … “We have seen a huge shift in attitudes towards art investment,” says Mr Hoffman. “Collectors are no longer looking at their art as a separate, purely passion driven entity. They want it to be financially savvy, secure and efficient, from buying, storing to selling. And even if they are not looking to invest and generate returns, they certainly want to protect their wealth.”

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