The Expert’s Perspective: Part III



The Fine Art Group is proud to present The Expert’s Perspective: A Three-Part Series, produced in partnership with Risk Strategies.

Over the past few months, The Fine Art Group has released a three-part series exploring the current market, the increasing popularity of Art Finance and the art of pricing Fine Art.


Part III: Where is the Value? Impressionist & Modern VS. Post-War & Contemporary (Tuesday, May 4, 2021)

Delve into the world of value as leading specialists from The Fine Art Group and Pall Mall Art Advisors debate their respective fields, and where they see lasting value in the current art market. Is it Post-War & Contemporary or Impressionist & Modern.



Guy Jennings (Impressionist and Modern Art Specialist, The Fine Art Group)

Elena Ratcheva (Impressionist and Modern Art Specialist, Pall Mall Art Advisors)

Morgan Long (Post-War and Contemporary Specialist, The Fine Art Group)

Roxanne Cohen (Post-War and Contemporary Specialist, The Fine Art Group)

Moderated By:

Anita Heriot (President, Pall Mall Art Advisors)

With Insight from:

Kierstin Johnson (Fine Art Division, Risk Strategies)

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