BB&T Insurance Services, BB&T Scott & Stringfellow, Pall Mall Art Advisors, and PURE came together for Vita di Lusso, a Life of Luxury event. A sampling that the best purveyors of luxury the Triad has to offer, including fine jewelry, wine and spirits, high fashion, luxury furnishings, cigars, and the newest electronics… as well as the latest in luxury performance vehicles from Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Porsche at Foreign Cars Italia.

Neighbors, colleagues and fellow car enthusiasts mingled and discussed the latest trends in the luxury market with special guest, Pall Mall Art Advisors.  We spoke on how to adequately protect your luxury items with the representatives from PURE Insurance who assess, manage, and reduce risk for successful high net worth families.  

The appraisers from Foreign Cars Italia were also on hand to give  a free estimate on the value of one’s current vehicle. A fabulous event was shared by all!