Miami Basel Top Picks

In an atmosphere of charged political discourse and economic uncertainty, Miami Basel opened its doors with a surprisingly mellow atmosphere inside. Though some booths had seized upon overtly political displays, the fair’s focus largely took an artistic high road, bringing Post-War and Contemporary masterpieces to the exhibition centre as well as up and coming artists, helping to break the seal on the elitism of the art market.

Pieces that truly stood out among our top picks included the stunning 1963 Lee Krasner work, Another Storm. Riding off the back of the Royal Academy’s Abstract Expressionist Show, the demand for and interest in such pieces is high. The large-scale work sold for $6,000,000 almost doubling the auction record for works by the artist. This piece was, by popular consent of fair-goers, the most impressive and impactful work of the fair.

Two other artists that stood out during the fair included Argentinian artist Sarah Brilo, represented by Gallery Jorge Mara la Ruche, whose graffiti and mixed media collage works resonated with the feeling of protest and street level uprising and the role of the artist therein. A second artist who made a strong impression was Harvey Quaytman, a New York based artist, represented by Van Doren Waxter, his use of shapes challenge a viewer’s expectation of linearity and representation.

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