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A high concentration of important European and international collectors flock to Brussels each April for both the annual art fair Art Brussels, as well as the younger Independent HQ. Through such successes, Brussels is increasingly proving its potential to stand as a European Art Center.

This is especially the case when taking into account some of the city’s other events within the art sector, such as its ever-successful gallery weekend, BRAFA art fair and Accessible Art Fair, as well as more and more established galleries and collectors basing themselves in the city. Even Paris’ very own contemporary art museum, Centre Pompidou, is opening a satellite museum in the city, planned to launch in 2020. [1]


Art Brussels, Copyright: David Plas


The 35th edition of the fair gathered a total of 142 galleries from 28 different countries. The exhibitors and quality of art on view at both fairs, as well as throughout the city, seem to keep getting better each year —think blue-chip artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Tracey Emin and Gregor Wildebrandt— alongside striking contemporary works by more emerging artists like Belgium’s very own Harold Ancart.

This high supply of stimulating and interesting art in combination with the excitement of Brussels’ vibrant art scene and the well-organized fairs, created an exhilarating atmosphere that could be felt by everyone in town. Overall, another step in the right direction for Brussels and another great edition for both Art Brussels and Independent.

Article by Herbert van Litsenburg

[1] https://news.artnet.com/art-world/brussels-to-open-centre-pompidou-satellite-by-2020-677912 

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