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The Fine Art Group is thrilled to announce CW+ as our charity of the year. CW+ is the charity for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and we are delighted to be supporting their latest fundraising campaign to raise £10 million to redevelop and expand the adult and neonatal intensive care units at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

“The Fine Art Group was drawn to the way CW+ uses art and design to enhance patients’ care and the extraordinary results this has produced.”

Philip Hoffman, Founder and CEO, The Fine Art Group


CW+ is a pioneer of patient environment and experience; they use creative workshops, public performances, the commissioning of new artworks and their own impressive art collection to engage with patients on a more meaningful and emotional level.

Patient Environment Research

CW+ has partnered with a number of respected institutions such as Royal College of Art and Imperial College to explore how different design elements throughout the hospital environment impact a patient’s recovery, such as how light, colour, smell and sound can affect hormones, brain activity and the way people behave.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital recently underwent a major capital redevelopment and expansion of the Emergency Department to be able to treat up to 140,000 patients. The A&E had originally been designed to accommodate 60,000 patients per year but had been treating over 112,000.

CW+ brought together artists and designers to create a calmer environment in which to be treated; a calmer more pleasing atmosphere aims to lower patient anxiety and improve clinical outcomes, sas reducing waiting times, stress and pain, and faster recovery. Features include site-specific visual and digital art commissions, adaptable lighting, distracting ceiling light boxes and window manifestations and bespoke music playlists feature throughout the redevelopment.


NICU Intensive Care


Critical Care Campaign

In partnership with the Foundation Trust, CW+ is now raising £10 million to support the expansion and redevelopment of both the adult and neonatal intensive care units at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The charity is designing a patient-focussed environment which will transform the hospital’s care and patient experience. This innovative, new model of care and world-class environment will improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks for the patients. It will become one of the leading Critical Care services in the UK, influencing NHS guidelines and best practice nationally and beyond.

Chris Chaney, CEO of CW+ says: “We are thrilled and excited to be the charity partner of The Fine Art Group and to have Philip as a founder member of our Development Board. Our Development Board has been set up to help our Hospital Trust attract new support and help deliver bold ambitions and new projects that fall outside of the standard remit of the NHS. Creating world class intensive care facilities for adults and babies is the first of these projects and the support of The Fine Art Group will help us create an exceptional environment for our sickest patients.”


(English) For more information about CW+ please contact Francesca Hawkins

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