The Fine Art Group is an independent, global team of art advisors and art finance experts committed to supporting clients at every level of market activity across our three core pillars; art advisory, art finance and art investment.

Launched in 2000, The Fine Art Group has an unrivalled track record across its three services occupying a unique position within the art ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the shared in-house intelligence of our specialist teams to offer strategic guidance around art. From building a collection and acquiring art, to selling strategy and execution, investment opportunities and art financing, we have the expertise and capacity to meet a wide range of needs and interests.

Our internal art team is led by Guy Jennings and Morgan Long whose deep knowledge of art history and the art market is the foundation of all advice. Expertise spans Western Art from 1500 to present with emphasis on Impressionism, Surrealism, Modern and Contemporary art.

The Group is owned by its management, backed by a small number of private investors and operates entirely independently from auction houses, dealers and galleries. Therefore we are able to maintain a transparent relationship with our clients, and provide an unbiased approach to the art market.

We operate on a global scale with over 25 team members globally in United Kingdom, United States, China, Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

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