The Fine Art Group is an independent, global team of art advisors and art finance experts committed to supporting clients at every level of art market activity, across its five core services: art advisory, art finance, art investment, agency and valuation. 

Launched in 2000, The Fine Art Group has an unrivalled track record across its three services, occupying a unique position within the art ecosystem. From building a collection and acquiring art, to selling strategy and execution, investment opportunities and art financing, The Fine Art Group has the expertise and capacity to meet a wide range of needs and interests.

► $1.3 billion+ in value of artworks transacted

► 20.2% average annualised IRR on all transactions

► $3.3 billion worth of artworks valued

Our in-house art expertise spans Western art from 1500 to the present with an emphasis on Impressionism, Surrealism, Modern and Contemporary art, and Jewellery, and most other categories through our established and trusted consultant network.

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