Offering expert guidance, our dedicated art and jewelry Advisory teams offers strategic insight with transparent advice to guide our clients seamlessly through the market. Whether buying for passion, investment, or both, we support each client to realize their individual aspirations

Providing expert service and attention to detail at every step, our dedicated advice guides clients through the buying process. We work solely on our clients’ behalf, always acting independently from galleries, auction houses and dealers.

Education is at the core of our services. Our team of specialists aims to educate and inform throughout, with access to bespoke gallery visits, one-on-one time with experts at art fairs, visits to artists’ studios, proprietary market research, artist-specific reports and more.

Whether working with a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, we support our clients across all aspects of the acquisition process.


  • Market analytics reports
  • Identifying artworks
  • In-depth artist market reports
  • Sourcing and access
  • Due diligence
  • In-person viewings on behalf of clients
  • Negotiations
  • Acquisition and logistics
  • Bidding at auction




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Art Advisory

Meet the team.

Case Studies
A Contemporary Collection for a New Home
A couple was introduced to The Fine Art Group through mutual friends who had worked with us several years ago. The couple was completing a new home and wanted to start a collection focusing on works by established artists. Over a period of one year, our art team sourced and presented artworks to them and negotiated on their behalf, saving them over $250,000 on seven purchases, across a total acquisition value of $770,000. We also advised the client not to buy several works that were overpriced or overexposed to the market, saving them from making uneducated purchases with likely financial consequences in the future.
Building a Female Focused Art Collection
A client came to us with an interest in building a collection of contemporary art by predominately female artists. She did not know a lot about the contemporary art field and also wanted to be educated on the topic. Over the course of four years, our Senior Director, Morgan Long worked with the client to sharpen her eye and hone her personal taste. They attended art fairs together, artists’ studios, and galleries in various international cities including London, New York and Paris. With acquisitions on both the primary and secondary markets, the client has built an amazing collection of top works including artists such as Cecily Brown, Marlene Dumas and Nan Goldin to name a few.
Creating a Legacy, Collecting as a Family
Adult siblings, introduced to Anita Heriot, spoke about their interest in building a fine art collection for their extended family. Under our guidance, they set out to learn and sharpen their eye. Education was the cornerstone of the process, and they started the journey by visiting museums, auction previews and gallery exhibitions. We taught them how to determine the value of an artwork and helped them understand the acquisition process. After two years of education the family decided to focus their collection on landscape paintings from the early 20th century to present. The Fine Art Group has facilitated the purchase of over 50 works of art, buying from auction and galleries. The family is proud of the cooperation put forth on each decision and the legacy they have created for their children.