The Educated Eye: How to Buy & Sell Smart

28 November 2022
The Educated Eye: Understanding the Hermès Luxury Handbag Market

What makes one bag more expensive than another? How do you protect yourself from the counterfeit market? When is the best time of year to buy or sell luxury handbags? Whether you are starting a collection or selling one, our experts will offer insight into this niche market.

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07 October 2022
The Educated Eye: How to Navigate a Multi-Category Collection at Auction

Join us for a 30-minute in-depth discussion on how buyers can navigate multi-category single-owner sales to identify opportunities and hidden gems within the larger sale context. We will be using the upcoming Sotheby’s Hôtel Lambert auction as an example. Our experts will cover various categories of fine decorative arts and furniture.

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The Educated Eye: Understanding the Picasso Print Market

There are many factors that can influence the value of a Picasso print. So what makes one Picasso print more expensive than another? Whether you are buying new Picasso prints or consigning prints that you own, this presentation will help you better understand the value of these works.

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Spotlight Series

18 August 2023

There are various factors to consider when selling your collection of art, jewelry, and other valuable assets, from finding the right sales venue to getting the best price for your pieces.

Watch Kerry-Lee Jeffery, Colleen Boyle, Anita Heriot, and Kate Waterhouse discuss ways to maximize return of investment when selling collections.

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30 August 2022
Art, Cars & Collectibles: How to Mitigate Risk before Disaster Hits

Tabitha Nicolas, Regional Appraisals Manager, speaks with Rick Worm, Risk Mitigation Specialist with Hagerty Insurance, in a 20-minute virtual forum.

Join us to hear about what you can do to mitigate the financial risk of your passion assets when faced with disaster or damage.

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29 July 2022
How to Utilize Your Collections as a Hedge Against Inflation

Our CEO & Founder Philip Hoffman speaks with President Anita Heriot in a 20-minute virtual forum about the latest on inflation and how to leverage collections to maneuver through the current economic climate.

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16 March 2021
Art & Collectibles: The Rise of Alternative Investments

Art and collectibles are an alternative asset class that has garnered a lot of interest in recent years.

Uncorrelated to the stock market, these investments are attractive to those looking to hedge against crashes and volatility. They’re also more personal than stocks and easier to get passionate about—especially when they’re posting record-breaking returns.

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26 June 2021
The Art of Leverage: Using Art & Jewellery as Powerful Financial Tools

Have you considered art-secured lending for your High-Net-Worth individual and Ultra High-Net-Worth clients?

Art and jewelry loans allow collectors to realize liquidity without having to make unfavorable sales to satisfy short-term cash-flow requirements, or simply extract valuable investment capital. Through this form of financing, collections can be expanded, and investment returns can be optimized.

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01 November 2020
Next Generation Collectors

In our latest 30 minute webinar Anita Heriot and John Wiley speak on the subject of Next Generation Collectors.

Topics covered:

  • Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & their impact on the market
  • What are Millennials interested in and where are they buying
  • 2021 Bull Market Art & Cars List
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12 May 2021
The Value of Advice: Wealth Transfer Strategies for Art and other Passion Assets

Wealth transference and tax strategy is a hot topic of conversation in 2021, particularly when discussing passion assets such as art, jewelry, wine, cars, and other valuable collections.

Please enjoy this webinar discussing these issues and others related to wealth preservation and tax efficient strategies.

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02 June 2023
New York Luxury Week 2023: Top Jewelry Picks & Lots to Watch

This spring signed jewels and stunning gemstones take focus at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips. Such an abundance of property on the market can cause buyer whiplash. Please join Senior Specialist and Director of Jewelry and Watches for The Fine Art Group, Kate Waterhouse, while she presents her ‘Top Picks’ from the spring season for New York’s Luxury Week and ‘Lots to Watch.’

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08 May 2023
May 2023 Auction Season: Our Team’s Top Picks & Insights into the New York Art Market

The Fine Art Group’s Advisory Team is pleased to invite you to our latest State of the Art Market webinar. Our advisors will share their expert insight on how to navigate the New York May auctions, highlighting their top picks from the season.

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State of the Art Market: Insights into the Spring 2022 Auction Season

Our Art Advisory Team gives an overview on the current state of the art market and comment on the Spring 2022 auctions.

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14 December 2023
Art Market Update

The Fine Art Group and AIG Private Client Group present a review and analysis of the recent New York Auction Week highlighting trends in the market, collecting in today’s environment and collection management.

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12 May 2021
Art & Auto: Collection Trend Setters

Art & Auto: Collection Trend Setters

We will discuss the following topics related to the Art and Car Collector Market:

• Summary of 2020 Car and Art market (highs and lows)
• How Covid disrupted the Car and Art Markets
• Insights for 2021

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01 December 2020
High-Profile Client Webinar Series

Keeping it Real: Helping the High-Profile Client Buy & Sell Smart

With fame and fortune, many celebrities, sports figures, and entrepreneurs have experienced an influx of wealth and begin to buy art, jewelry, cars, wine and memorabilia. When the money begins to flow, it is common that a high-profile buyer experiences vulnerability.

It is essential that structures are put into place to protect the high-profile client from being taken advantage of. 

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A Market Forecast in the Covid Era

01 April 2020
A Market Forecast Webinar Series in the Covid Era – Part 1

State of the Art, Collectibles & Jewelry Market

In an effort to provide more context and insight into the current state of tangible asset market, The Fine Art Group is providing a Market Update Live One Hour Webinar.

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01 April 2020
A Market Forecast Webinar Series in the Covid Era – Part 2

Using Objects of Value as a Liquidity Opportunity

The financial markets are oscillating from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The desire, or need, for liquidity comes as the spread of coronavirus creates significant market instability. 

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01 April 2020
A Market Forecast Webinar Series in the Covid Era – Part 3

An Art, Wine & Collector Car Forecast in the Covid Era

Bringing together the top experts in three arenas of collecting, Anita Heriot, President of Pall Mall Art Advisors, Brian Rabold, VP of Valuation Services for Hagerty and Charles Curtis, Founder of WineAlpha, the focus will be on understanding the impact of Covid 19 on the Art, Collector Car and Wine Market. 

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01 April 2020
A Market Forecast Webinar Series in the Covid Era – Part 4

Opportunities Amongst Crisis: Identifying Distressed Art & Real Estate Markets

The experts focus on the current state of the real estate and art markets and how to turn distressed assets into opportunities, as well as the tax implications of COVID-19 on planning.

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