Learning is at the core of our service portfolio. Through gallery and studio visits, one-to-one expert sessions at art fairs and bespoke research and reporting, our specialist team sheds new light on every collection.

Alongside individual visits and tailored insights, our experts provide Continuing Education courses for family offices, wealth management firms and other legal and financial fiduciaries to collectors of art, jewelry and other valuable collectibles. With live, in-person sessions alongside interactive webinars with a Q&A, all our courses are sponsor-certified for CFP, CPA, CTFA & CLE accreditation


  • When are valuable objects considered appreciating assets?
  • What factors influence the value of artworks, antiques and jewelry?
  • How are the fine art and collectibles markets changing?
  • Understanding how value is determined and the appraisal process
  • Using art as collateral
  • IRS guidelines and tax implications for tangible assets


  • Converting Non-Cash Passion Assets into Charitable Impact
  • Picasso or Porsche? Understanding Collections as a Financial Asset
  • ROI of Art & Collectibles: An Important Investment Class
  • Unlocking the Potential of Hidden Wealth: Managing Tangible Assets