We offer various virtual appraisal options to suit a range of comfort levels and budgets. Clients and advisors can securely send object documentation and details to our Appraisal Team via mail or direct upload. All objects and their corresponding photos, documents and details will be placed in our secure, proprietary collection management system and valued by our expert team. Additionally, we can work with any digital asset management system being used by the client.

For our appraisers to conduct a remote appraisal, our administrative team will need full cataloguing information and photographs – details of which can be downloaded here.

Upon completion, our team will provide a PDF and/or Excel report, as well as credentialed access to the collection on our web-based collection management system. All of our specialists are able to work remotely, and provided all the necessary information is received, most objects can be appraised virtually.

Additional Virtual Services

Schedule Reviews & Appraisal Reviews
Our team can provide complimentary schedule and appraisal reviews for clients and their advisors. We will review the items and provide feedback on the market and potential changes in value.

Risk management strategy
We will organize virtual visits of a client’s home to discuss an appropriate risk management strategy – from natural disaster preparedness to general concerns regarding placement of objects.