Australian-based Roger McIlroy extends The Fine Art Group’s reach into the Pacific region as McIlroy accepts the position as Chairman, TFG, Australia and New Zealand, in 2023.

Roger was born in Australia and started his auction career there before moving to London in 1977 where he commenced work at Christie’s International. During his tenure at Christie’s, the first eight years were spent concentrating on European ceramics, culminating in the publication of two books on the subject.

A two-year period was spent as Managing Director of Christie’s Scotland at a time when Scottish pictures – particularly Colourists – reached new heights.

Returning to Australia in 1989 as Managing Director of Christie’s Australia, he was subsequently appointed Chairman of Christie’s Australia and Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Asia where he headed the Business Development Department for the region. Roger was auctioneer for the majority of the paintings auctions throughout Asia and Australia during this time.

Leaving Christie’s in 2006 he went into partnership with Lady Angela Nevill, the London art dealer.

Roger’s successful 30 year association with Christie’s led to the establishment in Australia of his leading independent art advisory business, Roger McIlroy Art Advisory. The company helps collectors build museum quality collections, following best-practice principles in the provision of provenance, care and purchasing advice, enabling collectors to make informed acquisition decisions.

Recognized for his expertise in the fine art auction room, Roger also holds the prominent role of head auctioneer of Deutscher+Hackett, Australia’s top auction house.