The Financial Times has published an article of “The Who’s Who of Art Advisors “, listing art advisory power players significant collectors should keep their eye on.

Philip Hoffman, CEO & Founder of The Fine Art Group, and his Art Advisory Team was named second on the Financial Times list, recognizing Philip and The Fine Art Group’s global reach with a team of almost 100, advising more than 300 families in 28 countries, including high-profile celebrities.

Also named is Patti Wong of Patti Wong & Associates, a new Hong Kong-based art advisory firm. The article highlights her 30+ years of experience and contacts from her time at Sotheby’s, previously developing the auction houses’ business and building some of the most significant collections in Asia. The Fine Art Group has recently expanded into Asia in a joint venture with Patti Wong & Associates.

Allan Schwartzman, founder of Schwartzman& was also included, The Financial Times dubbing him the “über-curator.” In March 2022, Schwartzman& and The Fine Art Group announced the beginning of their collaboration, leveraging their two firms’ complementary skills and resources to address the needs of an ever-changing market for both multigenerational and emerging collectors, in addition to artists and institutions.

Out of the ten advisors listed, three, including The Fine Art Group, Patti Wong & Associates, and Schwartzman& are aligned and collaborate, combining their top-tier staff and resources to create exciting opportunities for art collectors the world over and across all TFGs core services, including advisory, art finance, sales agency, investment, and appraisals.

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