With fame and fortune, many celebrities, sports figures, and entrepreneurs have experienced an influx of wealth and begin to buy art, jewelry, cars, wine and memorabilia. When the money begins to flow, it is common that a high-profile buyer experiences vulnerability.

It is essential that structures are put into place to protect the high-profile client from being taken advantage of.

In Part 1 of our latest webinar series, we will provide specific tools and case studies to assist in protecting the high-profile client.

Join Us Thursday, December 3rd, 10 am PST / 1 pm EST.


  • How do you buy luxury assets with intelligence and at the right price and in the right venue?
  • How to avoid the lure of the “hot for a hot second” artist?
  • How do you sell collections to obtain the highest revenue?
  • How do you insure, store and ship collections correctly?


We understand the unique challenges facing our clients and can offer high-profile individuals a full suite of services, and related white-glove concierge support, on a global scale.

We’re experienced working with actors and celebrities, directors and producers, musicians, athletes, models, authors, journalists, and industry executives. Offering the high-quality, collection-specific solutions to help make informed decisions around the strategic, long-term management of fine art, jewelry, and other high-value collectibles.

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