We provide comprehensive, IRS-compliant appraisals for estate tax filing. The IRS has specific requirements of both the appraiser, and the reports submitted for review, that we are well-equipped to meet. Objects exceeding a fair market value (FMV) of $50,000 are automatically reviewed by industry-leaders on the IRS Art Advisory Panel, with whom we work closely.


Items over $3,000 (FMV):

  • Full cataloguing including artist/make, title, size, medium, age, and general condition along with any supporting details such as provenance, literary references and exhibition history
  • Digital and hardbound copy of reports

Items over $20,000 (FMV):

  • Comparable sales results and analysis
  • Discussion of the current marketplace in relation to the types of objects in the estate

Items over $50,000 (FMV):

  • Valuation narrative on the object and value in relation to the current market