The Fine Art Group is thrilled to announce our new sponsorship of the Vanhaerents Art Collection, one of Belgium’s most prestigious collections of contemporary art.

Group of six Caucasian adults, three women, three men, posing together in front of a piece of figurative, green abstracted contemporary art in a gallery setting.
The Vanhaerents Family and The Fine Art Group Benelux Team

The Vanhaerents Art Collection boasts a truly unique and comprehensive assembly of works. Founded in the 1970s by Walter Vanhaerents and passionately continued by his children, Els and Joost, the collection reflects a remarkable commitment to artistic innovation and a keen eye for emerging talent.

What makes the Vanhaerents Art Collection so special?

  • Pioneering Spirit: Since its inception, the collection has embraced bold and often radical works, pushing boundaries and challenging artistic conventions.
  • Enduring Legacy: Featuring iconic pieces by Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, Cindy Sherman, and many more, the collection offers a captivating journey through the history of contemporary art.
  • Visionary Focus: The Vanhaerents continue to champion the works of exciting new voices, ensuring the collection stays fresh and relevant.


The Fine Art Group is deeply committed to supporting the arts and fostering a vibrant cultural landscape. Sponsoring the Vanhaerents Art Collection aligns perfectly with these values.

We are honored to play a role in making this incredible collection accessible to a wider audience. The Vanhaerents’ dedication to artistic exploration resonates deeply with us, and we are excited to contribute to the continued success of this remarkable institution.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about special events and exhibitions at the Vanhaerents Art Collection!