As the year draws to a close, I must sincerely thank you all for your continued support of The Fine Art Group. I am thrilled to say that in spite of ongoing macro challenges, 2022 has been the most successful year for the firm yet.

2022 has seen our business further established in the US with a very exciting partnership with Allan Schwartzman, and the full integration of Pall Mall Art Advisors – a business that we acquired in 2021 – into the group. Our goal remains to serve collectors at every point in their collecting journey, and I hope that our Advisory service and thought-leadership have helped you to navigate an ever-changing art world.

Our Sales Agency service is a wonderful resource for our clients considering sale strategies for their treasured and varied collections, and I am delighted that we have not only expanded our expert categories, but have hired leading specialists in Vintage Cars, Watches, and Jewelry. This has also bolstered the Appraisals business which continues to provide much need support and analysis in complex markets.

I am proud to say that we have responded to the growing and bespoke needs of our clients with two exciting new initiatives launched this year: High-Profile and Philanthropy. Both are already thriving, and I look forward to sharing more exciting updates on both these divisions in the new year.

And finally, Art Finance remains one of the core pillars of the business, and a great source of liquidity for many clients. In 2022, we executed some of our largest loans and for the first time have increased our scope of accepted collateral to include some new categories.

In the art and collectibles market as a whole we have seen unbelievable results, most recently in the Paul Allen sale at Christie’s where I was delighted that we were able to acquire a few pieces for our clients.

I wish you and your family happiness, peace, and most importantly good health for the holiday season.

Looking forward to catching up in the new year with some exciting updates and even more exciting opportunities!