Managing a growing collection can prove to be a daunting task for even the most seasoned collector. “How do I keep track of my purchases? How do I coordinate a museum loan or exhibition? When should I get an appraisal? How do I find a conservator that fits my needs?” As a Collections and Inventory Associate, I find the answers to these questions and much more. Working with The Fine Art Group’s global team of specialists, we create a bespoke plan for each collection and manage every object with the utmost care.



  1. Inventory Management

    Organizing and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of the client’s collection, including detailed records of each object, its provenance, condition reports, and relevant documentation. Our team will enter all documents into a collections database accessible to the client, their representatives, and The Fine Art Group.

  2. Appraisals & Valuations

    Coordinating regular appraisals and valuations to provide clients with up-to-date information on the value of their collections.

  3. Logistical Oversight

    Managing the logistics involved in handling and transporting artwork, including coordination of packing, shipping, and installation, ensuring proper care and adherence to international best practices.

  4. Disaster Planning

    Implementing measures to protect the collection from potential risks such as natural disasters, fire, theft, or damage and developing emergency response plans, and coordinating with relevant experts for conservation and restoration in case of an incident.

  5. Museum Loan Advice

    Providing guidance and assistance in navigating the process of lending artworks to museums and institutions, managing the logistics, insurance requirements, and legal considerations involved in loan agreements.

  6. Security Consulting

    Advising on what protections a collection requires when on display, in storage, or during transportation and assisting in acquiring needed services.

  7. Philanthropic Strategy

    Assisting clients in leveraging their collection for philanthropic purposes, offering guidance on charitable donations, art-related events, and collaborations with cultural institutions or nonprofit organizations.

  8. Exhibition Strategy

    Working with our specialists to develop strategies and recommendations for exhibiting collections, including curatorial advice, display techniques, and exhibition planning to maximize the collection’s visibility and impact.

  9. Introductions to Vetted Industry Experts

    Liaising clients with experts related to subjects such as tax planning, conservation, restoration, academic researchers, and scholars.

  10. Art Finance

    Supporting through TFG’s Art Finance department for temporary finance for further collection development.


The Collections Management division at The Fine Art Group, represented by Luke Jacobs as the Collections & Inventory Services Associate for the Americas, aims to provide comprehensive and customized solutions to support clients in managing their collections effectively.