The Fine Art Group is pleased to announce Digital Asset Specialist and Advisor Greg Adams is now overseeing our expansion into the Web3 and NFT art market space.

Over the last year, we have watched as a new generation of art exploded in front of our eyes in the form of digital art and NFTs. We expect this new medium to alter the landscape of the art world while being an important source of growth and opportunity for many of the market players. To continue to provide best-in-class service, our clients expect us to provide coverage of this growing industry. After much due diligence, The Fine Art Group may gradually incorporate NFTs into all of the services we currently offer:

Advisory, Art Finance, Sales Agency, Investment & Appraisals

Founded over 20 years ago, The Fine Art Group has established an unrivaled track record across the art ecosystem. From first acquisitions and building collections, through to appraisals and art financing, we offer clients an experienced and skillful hand – helping to navigate the opacities of the market.

Greg Adams is a Digital Asset Specialist and Advisor for The Fine Art Group. Prior to working in the art industry, he worked as a leader in the fintech sector for over a decade while building his portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Greg holds a B.S. in Business marketing and management from The Pennsylvania State University. He is an active member of the NFT community and will be taking The Fine Art Group into the Web3 world.