Henry Little Presents to TheMerode

TheMerode is hosting a special evening September 19th, where they’ll survey recent auction results and forthcoming sales to spotlight key trends in the art market, as well as discussing important developments in the gallery scene and reviewing the year’s art fairs. 

Auctions, galleries and art fairs have been humming with business in 2022. Will that continue in the face of widespread economic uncertainty? And what will the coming year in the global art market bring? Will Paris take London’s crown in Europe? Will overheated market segments cool? And what can we expect in the major autumn auctions? 

Hubert d’Ursel, Director Benelux, has the pleasure to introduce industry expert Henry Little, Director of Art Advisory, who will offer his predications for the months to come, giving guests of TheMerode a chance to be up to date and ahead of the curve for the new market season.